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Perfect Music Server Player – sMS-1000

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Perfect Music Server & Player – sMS-1000


sMS-1000 is a high-end media server and player

By applications on smart phones or PC, you can easily play music les stored inside of the HDD and listen to internet radio from all over the world .
It automatically rips the media contents when you put CD or DVD into the installed Slot load drive. It will automatically provide tag information and album art that will be searched and saved from the internet.

Also through networking, it shares les such as music, video and images saved in HDD by DLNA and NFS, and also manages data by SMB sharing with a networked PC. There are three models; 1-Audio grade USB port output, 2-Multi Digital output to connect to your DAC, 3- Built-in high quality DAC to make the system simple. sMS-1000 will provide hi-end audio performance and convenience of usage. It is the ultimate source device



  • Vortexbox OS(Based on Linux)
    - Easy Web GUI
    - Logitech Media Server & MPD
    - Automatic ripping of CDs and DVDs
    - Automatically downloads the cover art
    - SMB(Microso) le shares
    - DLNA server
    - NFS server
    - Support almost audio format (FLAC, WAV, DSD, APE, MP3, WMA and etc)
  • Storage
    - 2TB HDD(Up to 3TB)
    - Slot-In DVD(Option for Slot in Blu-ray)
  • Power requirement
    - Input Voltage : +19Vdc
    - Power : Max 50W
  • USB output model
    - Audio grade USB card
    - USB specication 2.0 high speed
    - USB audio class 2.0 support
  • Digital output model
    - AES/EBU, Coaxial, Optical
    - 24bit/192KHz
  • Analog output model
    - 32bit/192KHz DAC chip
    - Balanced output, Unbalanced output
    - THD+N : 0.002% > @ 1KHz
    - Output band width : -3dB@100KHz
  • Dimension
    - (360 x 240 x 68) mm


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